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Friday, November 4

Gabrielle (Presentation + Q&A15:450:50
Wrap Up16:400:00

Saturday, November 5

Dr. Randa9:000:50
Dr. Jared Thomas #110:000:50
TBD 313:000:50
TBD 414:000:50
TBD 515:000:50
Wrap Up15:500:05

Sunday, November 5

TBD 19:000:50
TBD 210:000:50
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Wrap Up11:500:05


Belonging in a connected community: Creating an environment of digital inclusion

Kay Oddone

Creating an environment of digital inclusion is a key role for school librarians. Once, the digital divide was understood to be about physical access to technology. Now, it is less about ownership and more about the ability to effectively navigate and use the information ecosystem created through technology. 

As our existence becomes increasingly networked, students need to develop critical digital literacy skills that enable them to access education, participate and contribute to our society, engage in cultural and social activities and connect with family, friends and the wider world. 

In this session I will discuss the ways in which school librarians can model and scaffold digital inclusion. We will explore the ways in which digital literacy can empower students to be active, informed and critical participants within our information ecosystem and how as school librarians, we can take an important role in ensuring our students have the capabilities to feel that they belong in this connected community.

Librarians as Leaders – “belonging” at The Leadership Table

Kay Oddone

Leadership is inherent with the role of the school librarian, and yet the value of leadership development for those holding this role is underestimated.  While teachers aspiring to or holding more traditional school leadership roles may engage with leadership training and literature, similar opportunities for school librarians appear less commonly. 

Through this session, school librarians will be encouraged to recognise, and build upon their leadership skills. Participants will refresh their knowledge of leadership styles, and consider the different ways in which they enact strategic leadership through their daily practice. Feeling confident and comfortable with the language of leadership will also be discussed, as the capacity to communicate the contributions of the school librarian role and the school library is vital for advocacy and professional recognition within the school community.

School librarians have a unique birds’ eye view of the school as they engage with the entire community, and they can bring a rich perspective if they have a seat at the leadership table. This session will inspire you to continue to lead from the library, providing strategic leadership across the different facets of the school librarian role.

A Navigation of Two Cultures

Gabrielle Wang

As a child born in Australia of Chinese parents, Gabrielle never felt as though she fitted in. This led her to write novels for young people with themes focussing on belonging and the meaning of the word, ‘home’. Gabrielle discusses how she came to terms with having two cultures both Chinese and Australian.

Belonging and Power

Dr. Randa Abdel-Fattah

I have spent most of my writing life exploring the meaning of belonging from multiple, intersecting and overlapping points of views (young people, refugees, marginalised communities) in multiple contexts (schools, homes, communities, the ‘nation’, settler-colonies). My talk will take my audience through these various explorations across my books, showing how the questions I sought to answer when I first started writing have shifted and evolved in response to broader social and political changes. Ultimately my talk is about thinking through the importance of always foregrounding relations of power in conversations on belonging.

Looking back, looking forward: Books for children and young adults

Michael Earp

Michael draws on their 20-year career in the book industry to share insights into writing, publishing and bookselling. With a focus on diverse representations and intersectionality, reflections of the self in literature are vital for all readers.

The Library’s role in an interdisciplinary approach to teaching critical thinking skills

Andrea O’Driscoll & Vicki Courtenay

Andrea and Vicki will discuss how teaching thinking skills is vital for student success, and they’ll explore how the library is in a unique position to equip students with transdisciplinary skills.

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Jared Thomas

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